How to Properly Care for Sneakers

How to Properly Care for Athletic Sneakers 

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to exercise. Some prefer weightlifting, challenging themselves in the gym every day to increase their own strength. Some prefer running, training hard for their favorite yearly marathon. Some prefer challenging classes with instructors who are experts in the field carefully pushing them through each vigorous and necessary exercise. No matter how you choose to get active and get healthy, it is important that you make the effort to take care of yourself in the way you wish. While everyone’s preference may demand different tools and equipment, many workouts require the right athletic shoes for the job.


Quality shoes are not cheap, but they are necessary if you want to achieve your fitness goals. Therefore, it is essential to not only find the right type of gym shoe for your lifestyle but also ensure that you take proper care of these shoes so that they continue to help you perform your best.



Must-Have Products


Proper care for your shoes, starts with purchasing the proper products. Even product needs great care to remain high quality. Even if you purchase the most expensive shoes on the market, it takes an investment to reap the long-term value of the quality. Not only should you buy products to protect your shoes, but you should also make sure that the product itself is a brand you trust so that you may be ensured that it will efficiently play its role in protecting the longevity of your gym shoes.


Shoe Tree


No matter what product you use on the shoe to protect it when it is on your foot if you do not take measures to protect the mold and the shape of the shoe when it is off your foot, your shoes will age rapidly even without a significant amount of wear. After a shoe is worn once or twice, it is designed to mold to your foot, and while this helps the fit and comfort of the shoe, it breaks down the fabric. This doesn’t seem like an issue when the shoe is on the foot because your foot will hold the shoe in place, however, when you take the shoe off you may notice that the shoe fabric may begin to slump. Over time this will lead to creases in the shoe which will lead to premature aging and breakdown of the shoe’s integrity.


A shoe tree is an insert that you can place inside the shoe when you are not wearing it to hold the shape of the shoe when your foot is not inside of it. While shoe trees have been around for decades, Sole Tree is one of the only companies to recognize the need for these in sneakers rather than just in dress shoes and high boots. If you spend a lot of money on your athletic shoes, then you will expect them to last you a long time and help you perform what you need them for. A sole tree shoe tree is a device that is necessary to help you meet this need.




Shoes are exposed to more elements than any other item of clothing. They take on any puddles or dirt left along any floor, and because of this, they are the most susceptible to damage. In addition, for many, shoes are likely to be the most expensive piece of clothing worn, and therefore, should be the most protected. While many quality shoes are designed to take on these elements, you can help increase the longevity of your gym shoes by purchasing a quality protectant spray and coating the shoes with a layer shortly after purchase. This will help to deflect any dirt, dust, or debris that may infiltrate the outer layers of the shoe and cause long-term damage. We recommend purchasing Jason Markk. Carefully follow the instructions on the box in order to see the best results.

Waterproofing Spray


Another element that can cause long-term damage to the integrity of the gym sneaker is water. This can be found both outside and inside a gym, and it can penetrate the fabrics of the shoe and wear down both the inner and outer material of the sneaker. While water can be unavoidable, there is a way to lessen the damage of it. We have found Jason Markk. to be the best product on the market to waterproof sneakers. The directions are clear, and if properly applied, the product can be extremely effective in maintaining the integrity of the shoe. Many choose to reapply this product after every wash to ensure that it doesn’t wear off in time, allowing water damage to penetrate the shoe.





The above products will play a significant role in protecting your shoe from many elements, however, no matter the precautions you take to care for your shoes, they will likely get dirty over time. You will always come across an unknown residue at the gym, or dirt on your favorite running path, and this will always leave your shoes a little dirtier than you may wish them to be. When this happens, it is essential that you clean it in a proper and timely manner in order to prevent any long-term stains. Even if you do not specifically notice any new dirt or grime, it is recommended that you wash your shoes after every few wears, and you may notice a huge change in their appearance after a structured cleaning. There are a few important steps to take when cleaning the shoes to ensure that they are cleaned properly and that no further damage will occur in the process. These steps can prevent any devastating accidents or chemicals that can lessen the lifetime of your favorite sneakers:


Step one

The first step is to remove any part of the shoe that can be removed. In most cases, this will be the insoles and the laces. These will be cleaned separately, as they deserve individualized care. Removing them will also make it easier to reach other parts of the shoe that you might not otherwise clean.

Step two
The next step in the process is to apply your preferred mixture. We recommend Jason Markk.  Many even choose to make their own mixture by mixing together water and a gentle bleach-free detergent. No matter what you choose to use, be sure to follow the instructions to ensure that it is blended correctly, or else it could be harmful to the shoe.

Step Three

Finally, you will clean each section of the shoe, giving each part its deserved attention. Note that the soles of the shoe may need stronger cleaning than the fabric might need. It is important to research how to clean each part of the shoe based on the type of shoe and the cleaning product used, remembering that there are a variety of shoes on the market, and you want to give yours the best-fit attention.


No matter where or when you wear your gym shoes, it is important that they perform for you in the way that you need. The best way to ensure that they perform and continue to perform in this quality manner is to put the necessary time into protecting the shoe and preserving its integrity.