About Us

Quality Over Quantity



Mission: Deliver premium shoe products to better care for sneakers.

Vision: Great sneakers take you to great places.

Sole Trees started with the belief that sneakers deserve better; the shoes and the people that wear them. Sole Tree strives to deliver premium shoe products to the underserved sneaker community.

Sneakers are now high-demand consumer goods with cultural significance that has grown to astronomical proportions. Today, great sneakers take you great places and Sole Trees keeps them great.

Our solution was to create a shoe care company from the ground up. We spent six months in our 3D printing lab perfecting our flagship product the Premium Shoe Tree. Building, breaking down, re-building until we approved two designs guaranteed to protect, preserve and increase the longevity of sneakers. Prototype in hand, the team traveled for three months throughout China to tour facilities learning the in’s and out’s of Chinese manufacturing while building connections and establishing key partners.

The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

Back in the states we were ready to approach investors and prepare for our launch. We hit the streets lining up meeting after meeting to find someone who believed in the vision for Sole Trees that we have.

In 2017 Sole Trees was launched with investor support and received high praise from respected individuals within the sneaker community. Sole Trees quickly established ours place in the industry by making the best shoe tree for sneakers on the market- hands down. We move forward as we expand our product line highly confident that there are only bigger and better things to come.

For the love of sneakers,

The Sole Trees Team